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We provide a range of services listed below
  1. Synthetic Blend/High Milage Oil Change
    Synthetic Blend/High Milage Oil Change
    Starting at $49.50 up to 5 Quarts! We check and fill all fluids, check tire pressure, vacuum interior, car wash coupon valued at $5.00!
  2. Synthetic Oil Change
    Synthetic Oil Change
    Starting at $84.99 up to 5 Quarts! We check and fill all fluids, check tire pressure, vacuum interior, car wash coupon valued at $5.00!
  3. Differential Service
    Differential Service
    Starts at $139.99, up to 4 quarts after that per quart is charged We remove cover thoroughly clean gears and replace cover
  4. Fuel Services
    Fuel Services
    Fuel filter starts at $39.99 Fuel Injector Service starts at $79.99
  5. Transmission Service
    Transmission Service
    Drain and Fill starts at $64.99 Transmission Flush starts at $130.00 Pan and Filter Service starts at $94.99 plus filter cost
  6. Mechanic Service
    Mechanic Service
    Diagnostics $89.99 All mechanic work IS priced based on vehicle, our labor rate is $90.00 per hour we do just about all mechanical work
  7. State Inspections
    State Inspections
    Safety only $7.00 ASM emissions $31.50 OBD $25.50 All you need is Insurance Card
  8. A/C Repair
    A/C Repair
    All A/C systems are a closed system, A/C Diagnostic $79.99, plus parts (recommended) A/C Recharge $45.00 plus Freon
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  1. Tune Up
    Tune Up
    We base our price on all-data which tells us how many hours to charge for labor our hourly rate $90.00 plus parts
  2. Brakes
    Starts at $139.99 per axle plus parts Brake Inspection $45.00
  3. Belts
    Labor price is based on per vehicle some take 15 minutes some take 2 hours
  4. Tire Rotation
    Tire Rotation
    We recommend you rotate your tires every10-15k miles to maximize the life of your tires $24.99
  5. Brake Flush
    Brake Flush
    Starts at $89.99
  6. Radiator Coolant
    Radiator Coolant
    Drain and Fill $45.00 plus coolant Flush $94.99 up to 1 gallon
  7. Filters
    Air Filter and Cabin Air Filters are recommended every 12-15k miles price vary per vehicle
  8. Power Steering Flush
    Power Steering Flush
    Starts at $89.99
  9. Battery
    We stock Interstate batteries Price varies based on vehicle Battery Cleaning & Inspection $10.99
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Full Service Oil and Lube
Kwik Kar's Full Service Oil and Lube is a must for your vehicle's regular maintenance. It's not just an oil change. It's a preventative maintenance program designed to maintain the safety and extend the life of your vehicle.

Kwik Kar's 20 Point Oil Change service includes:

• Oil change with up to 5 quarts of oil
• Replace oil filter
• Lubricate chassis (when applicable)
• Check air filter
• Check and fill differential (when applicable)
• Check and fill power steering fluid
• Check and fill anti-freeze/radiator fluid
• Check and fill transmission fluid
• Check and fill transfer case (when applicable)
• Visual battery check
• Check breather element (when applicable)
• Check all belts
• Check wiper blades
• Check and fill windshield washer fluid
• Check A/C or cabin air filter
• Check tire pressure
• Check brake fluid level
• Check throttle body and air induction system
• Vacuum front interior
• Free fluid top-offs between oil change intervals

Kwik Kar recommends a full service oil and lube every 3,000 miles or 3 months with conventional oil.
When using synthetic oil when OEM recommends oil change (generally 5,000-10,000 miles depending on manufactor specs).
Air Conditioning Service
A good air conditoning system is a must in hot weather, humid conditions like rainstorms, when pollution levels are high and for properly defogging your windows (removes moisture in the air). Trust Kwik Kar to keep you cool.

We offer a special air conditioning performance check service to identify any leaks or mechanical problems. Regardless of vehicle manufacturer, our technicians are equipped to diagnose and repair your vehicles air conditioning system.

Take advantage of our A/C service to maximize the output and efficiency of your air conditioning system.

Kwik Kar's Air Conditioning Service includes:

• Inspect system for leaks (hoses, couplings, valves, evaporator, etc.)
• Recover any old refrigerant
• Remove refrigerant and store in an environmentally safe storage and recycling unit
• Evacuate the system - minimum 30 minutes
• Inspect and adjust drive belt tension
• Clean condenser fans if needed
• Remove moisture which can cause a chemical reaction with the refrigerant resulting in corrosion, contamination and eventual system failure
• Test compressor operation
• Fill with proper O.E. amount of refrigerant (refrigerant extra)
• Pressure test and check for leaks
• Check output temperature
• Check proper operations of controls, blower motor and cooling fan (engine)
• Check antifreeze (engine coolant)

Kwik Kar recommends an air conditioning system inspection every 12,000 miles or 12 months.
Brake Flush Service
The Problem

Over time and use, brake fluid becomes oxidized and contaminated. In addition, heat and moisture cause corrosion on parts and brake fluid failure. Symptoms include a spongy brake pedal and discolored brake fluid.

The Solution
We inspect the entire brake system for leaks, master cylinder corrosion, worn pneumatic parts, harmful varnish build-up, broken or rusted bleeder valves, worn rotors and drums and air in the brake lines. Old brake fluid is replaced with DOT 3 or DOT 4 brake fluid. The result will be a longer lasting, more efficient and safer braking system.

Dirty VS Clean

Power Steering Flush
The Problem

Dirty, neglected power steering fluid can:

• Cause noise and increased steering effort.
• Reduce steering effectiveness.
• Harden seals and cause leakage.
• Cause expensive repairs of power steering components.

The power steering rack which can cost as much as $1,000 to replace.

The Solution

Power Steering System Flush Service:

• Removes the old fluid from the reservoir.
• Vacuum flushes the entire system with a proprietary product formulated to loosen and remove sludge and other contaminants from the system.
• Refills the system with the correct manufacturer recommended fluid.
• Restores steering performance.

Helps prevent sluggish steering on cold mornings.
Reduces or eliminates steering noise.
Provides proper lubrication of power steering components.
Helps avoid premature, unexpected and expensive steering system failures.

For safety and the life of your vehicle, make sure power steering service is part of your normal maintenance schedule.
Fuel Injection Service

If it has been a year or 15,000 miles, your engine could have already built up deposits. Dirt, varnish build-up, corrosion and carbon deposits restrict the flow of air and fuel to your engine. This happens with all fuel-injected vehicles.

The Problem

Deposits in the fuel and air intake system that cause:

• Hard starting
• Stalling
• Rough idling
• Hesitation
• Knocking
• Loss of power
• Poor fuel economy
• Increased emissions
• A need for higher octane gas

The Solution

Completely clean the entire fuel system of deposits:

• Fuel lines
• Fuel injectors
• Intake valves
• Combustion chambers
• Throttle plate and throttle valve

Restore the fuel system to its original design for:

• Maximum performance - easy starting, smooth idling, increased power, eliminate knocking
• Maximun fuel economy
• Minimum emissions

Routine fuel system maintenance helps avoid expensive repairs.

For performance, safety and the life of your vehicle, make sure a Fuel System Tune-up is a part of your normal maintenance schedule. Recommened every 45,000 miles.

Bad Injector      Good Injector

Serpentine Belt Service
Imagine your car without the air conditioner compressor, air pump, alternator, cooling fan, power steering pump, water pump, and other accessories. That's exactly what you'll have if your serpentine belt snaps. So it's important to have it inspected regularly, and replaced according to your manufacturer's recommended schedule.

As part of the complete maintenance check you receive with every full-service oil change, we visually inspect your car's serpentine belt. If it has more than four cracks per inch in the ribbed section of the belt, and/or cracks that penetrate more than halfway through the thickness of the belt, it should be replaced.

Still, the serpentine belt's appearance doesn't always reveal whether it's on the verge of failure. Be sure to have it replaced on schedule — no matter how it looks. For most vehicles, this only takes about 10 to 15 minutes.
Tire Rotation
Tire rotation helps protect tires against uneven wear by moving the tire location on the vehicle. Most tires will exhibit some form of wear based on numerous factors including: wheel alignment, miles driven, driving style and habits, and tire location on the vehicle. By moving or "rotating" the tires as recommended by the vehicle manufacturers, tires may wear more evenly; helping extend the life of the tires.

Kwik Kar Tire Rotation service includes:

• Check tire pressure and inflate/deflate to recommended PSI

• Inspect tires to identify visible damage or abnormal wear patterns

• Rotate tires according to pattern recommended by manufacturer

• Installing lug nuts/bolts to the proper torque specifications
Brake Service
Your car's brakes work hard. And the job they do is critical to your safety. That's why it's so important for you to be aware of how your brakes work, and to be alert for signs that your brakes need maintenance. Here you'll find an overview of braking systems, and tips to help you know when it's time for brake service. No matter what your brake system needs, Kwik Kar is here to help make sure your car is functioning precisely.

Today's braking systems are composed of a number of integral parts all working together to ensure that your vehicle stops properly. Generally speaking, by depressing the brake pedal, you are telling the master cylinder to compress brake fluid, which in turn sends hydraulic pressure through brake lines that activate your vehicle's brake pads (or shoes). These pads then make contact with spinning rotors (or drums), slowing down or stopping the vehicle. More complex systems use sensors to activate the brake system, but the desired effect is the same.

The parts that make up your vehicle's brake system wear down over time and eventually need to be replaced. The most common brake repair performed is the replacement of brake pads. Whether composed of ceramic, semi-metallic, or organic materials, brake pads erode each time you depress the brake pedal. If the pads wear down too much without being replaced, the metal housing for the pads will make contact with the metal rotors (or drums), which may produce not only a safety issue but a situation where the rotors/drums are required to be replaced as a result of the prolonged contact of metal parts without the pad buffer which can be very costly.

There are several warning signs that your vehicle can give you before your brakes may reach the point of potential failure or extensive repair. Simply using your sense of hearing, sight and touch may alert you to a potential problem.

Below are some of the common questions you should ask yourself concerning your vehicle's brake system:

• Is your brake warning light on when driving?
• Is your brake fluid low, or appear very dirty?
• Do you hear a grinding sound or a squealing sound when you apply the brake pedal?
• Do you feel a pulsation or some sponginess in the brake pedal when it is depressed?
• Does your vehicle steer or pull to one side when braking?

These are the most common signs that can suggest a potential brake system problem that should be addressed immediately. Any other sights, sounds or sensations in the brake system that seem out of the ordinary should also be taken into consideration. Most times, brake system problems will only escalate if disregarded.

• Technicians at Kwik Kar are trained to service today's complex brake systems. They can inspect your vehicle's braking system to ensure that it is functioning properly or to diagnose a problem and offer suggestions and an estimate for repair.

• From brake pad replacement, servicing rotors, replacing brake cylinders, to addressing Anti-Lock Brake System issues, Kwik Kar provides full repair service for all your vehicle's brake components.

• Additionally, we can perform routine maintenance as suggested by your vehicle's manufacturer. Most often this is a brake system flush, which involves the removal of air and moisture from brake lines and the replacement of brake fluid. Whatever your vehicle's brake system needs, Kwik Kar can perform the service to help ensure its proper working condition. Trust Kwik Kar for your vehicle's brake service maintenance and repairs.

Kwik Kar recommends a brake service any time the symptoms described above occur.
Tune-Up Service
Your car's engine is made up of hundreds of complex components working together to ensure that your vehicle starts and runs properly. Over time, however, these components can wear out, resulting in a loss of performance and fuel economy. The technicians at Kwik Kar are trained to work on today's high tech engines. We're here to help maintain your vehicle and extend its life.

The nature of an engine "tune-up" has changed considerably over the years, but the basics of how a gasoline engine works has not. Clean gas and air needs to be driven to the vehicle's cylinders where combustion initiated by a spark plug creates the power necessary to move a heavy vehicle. Clogged fuel injectors, dirty air and fuel filters, and corroded spark plugs can all decrease engine performance and contribute to decreased gas mileage and performance. That's why we examine your vehicle's air filter when your stop in, and why we recommend that you follow manufacturer's recommendations for replacing such key components as fuel filters, PCV (Positive Crankcase Ventilation) valves, and spark plugs when they are no longer working at maximum efficiency.

It may be time for a "tune-up" if you notice one or more of the conditions below when starting or driving your vehicle:

• a decrease in gas mileage
• a noticeable loss in power
• your engine running "rough" or stalling when at a stop
• engine "knocking" when accelerating or running-on after the ignition is turned off
• your "Check Engine" or "Service Engine" light remaining on after initial start-up

A standard tune-up, or spark plug replacement, done at the suggested maintenance interval will make an engine easier to start, improve fuel economy, lower emissions and restore lost power. Another (often overlooked) service designed to help your vehicle's engine running properly is the cleaning of fuel injectors and the fuel intake system. When dirt and deposits collect on fuel injectors, the amount of fuel delivered to the engine is restricted, leading to deterioration in performance and responsiveness. At Kwik Kar, our trained technicians can perform a Fuel Injection Service that will remove these deposits and help your vehicle maximize its performance and gas mileage capabilities. Regular maintenance of your vehicle's fuel ignition system is the key to reliability, fuel efficiency, and effective engine performance. From fixing a fuel system problem when it occurs to helping you prevent one from happening in the future, the technicians at Kwik Kar are there to keep your engine "tuned-up" and ready to go.
Differential Service
Gearbox fluid provides lubrication for the sets of bearings, shafts and gears located in the different types of gearboxes which operate under high stress and high heat.

What We Do:

• Remove and inspect the fill plug
• Remove cover clean gears replace gasket
• Fill the differential with up to 4 quarts of new gear oil
• Reinstall the fill plug

Why We Do It:

• Helps protect against bearing and gear failure
• Prevents abnormal wear on gears due to poor lubrication
• Prevents gear overheating
Transmission Service
Over 90% of all automatic transmission failures are due to overheating and fluid contamination.

The Problem

Automatice Transmission Fluid (ATF) services are often neglected and even when performed, are often incomplete. This can lead to automatice transmission shifting problems and premature repairs or replacement.

• 90% of automatic tramission failures are due to overheating and fluid contamination.

• A typical transmission drain and refill service replaces only 40% of the old contaiminated ATF.
- The remainder is trapped inside valve bodies, the torque converter and transmission cooler lines.
- New ATF from a conventional drain and refill service can often loosen damaging sludge and varnish deposits leading to shift problems and even transmission failure.
- Automatic transmission replacement can cost $2,000 or more.

The Solution

Take care of you automatice transmission by routinely performing Kwik Kar's Transmission Flush Service. This service utilizes patented equipment and specially formulate chemicals to solve the problems often associated with conventional drain and refill services.

• Removes 95% of the used contaminated fluid.

• A specially formulated Transmission Flush chemical safely removes harmful sludge and varnish deposits which are removed with the old fluid.

• Proprietary conditioning chemicals are added to the new ATF to:
- Help extend transmission fluid life.
- Smooth rough or hard shifting problems.
- Help revitalize seals and o-rings to help stop and prevent leaks.

• Kwik Kar's unique transmission flush equipment carriers both patents and is approved by major vehicle manufacturers.
Air Filter Service
The engine air filtration system aids in filtering the air's contaminants and helps to ensure the correct air/fuel mixture.

The Engine Air Filtration System may consist of the following components:

• Engine Air Filter
• Breather Element, if equipped
• PCV Valve, if equipped

The Engine Air Filter reduces harmful dirt particles from entering the engine's air intake system where they may cause engine damage.

The Breather Element helps filter the air pulled into the engine crankcase by the Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PCV) system or a metered orifice.

The PCV Valve or metered orifice regulates the flow of crankcase fumes into the intake manifold so they can be burned and help maintain proper cankcase pressure.

As engine air filtration components become restricted, airflow is reduced, which could lead to poor acceleration, reduced engine performance, reduced fuel economy, oil leaks as well as other issues.

As part of the Kwik Kar 20 point oil change service, we visually inspect the engine air filtration system components and recommend replacement, as necessary.

Kwik Kar recommends an air filter service every 12,000 miles or 12 months.
[Signature Service]
Kwik Kar's 20 Point Service
Kwik Kar's Signature Service is a must for your vehicle's regular maintenance. It's not just an oil change. It's a preventative maintenance program designed to maintain the safety and extend the life of your vehicle.
Kwik Kar's Signature Service is recommended every 3000 miles or 3 months.
Cabin Air Filter Service
The inside of your car is six times more polluted than the outside air. Couple that with the fact that people usually spend around 21 hours per week in their cars, and a lot of pollution is being breathed in. Luckily, vehicle manufacturers are now equipping cars with cabin air filters.

A cabin air filter, installed at Kwik Kar, can block 99.5% of the pollutants entering your vehicle. The electrostatically charged filter works like a magnet to stop pollen, dust and other airborne contaminants in their tracks. Have yours changed today and breathe more easily.
Radiator Flush Service
Cooling system failure is the leading cause of mechanical failure while driving on the highway. And if your cooling system fails, your engine and transmission could suffer major stress-related damage.

The benefits of a Kwik Kar Radiator Flush Service:

• Provides the best method of factory recommended cooling system service.

• Protects agains coolent contamination.

• Removes rust and scale deposits that can cause overheating and breakdown.

• Protects against cooling system leaks.

A standard drain and fill replaces only about half of the contaminated coolant. A Kwik Kar Radiator Flush Service removes up to 95% of contaminated coolant and replaces it with fresh coolant, plus proprietary product that can help prevent minor leaks, foaming and corrosion.
State Inspection Service
All Texas registered vehicles are required to receive an annual inspection. All inspections include a comprehensive safety inspection; however some vehicles are required to have an emissions test in addition to the safety inspection. Diesel powered vehicles and motorcycles are exempt from the emissions standards, but are still required to have the annual safety inspection.

Below is a list of safety items that are checked in order to receive a valid state inspection sticker:

• Horn
• Windshield Wipers
• Mirrors
• Steering
• Seat Belts
• Brake System
• Tires
• Wheel Assembly
• Exhaust System
• Exhaust Emission System
• Beam Indicator
• Tail Lamps
• Stop Lamps
• License Plate Lamp
• Rear Red Reflectors
• Turn Signal Lamps
• Head Lamps
• Motor, Serial or Vehicle Identification Number
• Window Tint
• Gas Caps
• Financial Responsibility (Insurance Card)

Battery Maintenance
Kwik Kar offers customers the value-added benefit of a battery service. This is the most inclusive starting and charging system check and battery installation process in the industry and includes:

• A full analysis of your battery’s condition, including its state of charge and ability to hold a charge.

• An inspection and analysis of the car’s starting and charging system, including the alternator and the voltage regulator.

• A cleaning of the battery’s connection and cable ends, as well as an application of corrosion protection.

Kwik Kar stocks one of the most complete lines of automotive batteries available.

In order to choose the best battery for your needs, you should consider the following: vehicle manufacturer’s specifications, driving habits, and any additional accessories, such as extra lighting, stereos, CBs, etc.

Most customers agree more power is better. That is why they often choose to exceed the bare minimum power requirements of their vehicle’s manufacturer.

Kwik Kar recommends battery maintenance every 12,000 miles or 12 months.